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Discover yourself with astrology services! Gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and personality through personalized natal chart readings and expert guidence.


Our expert Vastu assessments and remedies align with the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra to bring balance and positivity to your environment. Optimize your living or working space today.


Discover your life's mysteries with our palmistry services. Our skilled palm readers offer personalized insights on your life, revealing your true potential and guidance on overcoming challenges.


Discover your potential with tarot readings! Experience spiritual insight and guidance in love, career, and personal growth. Take control of your destiny with divination tools and tarot decks.

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Personal Finance Interactive Consultation

Fate and Fortune Analysis and Remedies

Career & Business Growth Guidence

Love, Relationship, Marriage Prediction and Remedies

What Our Clients Say On Google

Prem GeetPrem Geet
08:01 19 Oct 22
Siddheswari Sahay is very experienced and professional in gemes stone treatment.
17:33 18 Oct 22
Her comments helped me see the positive side of life, and the stones she suggested were effective.
Kanam LalakKanam Lalak
08:20 17 Oct 22
Madam, who goes by the name "Siddheshwari Gurumaa," has my warmest thanks for giving me with such a lovely gemstone and for her excellent help with all my concerns.
Kartar SobitKartar Sobit
07:57 17 Oct 22
You may check out quality of gemstone to see the wonderful results I've had from using their services and to discover why I'm so delighted with them.
Pavan SahuPavan Sahu
07:49 17 Oct 22
One of Delhi's top astrological experts. Her foresight was uncannily accurate. The jewels I was given were real and have helped me tremendously. It's a place that everyone should go to at least once.
Tikku SahuTikku Sahu
07:43 17 Oct 22
Excellent job, and I really appreciate the help I received from "Madam" (in this case, "Siddheshwari Gurumaa), who apparently has the answers to all of our issues.
Ishaan AroraIshaan Arora
07:37 17 Oct 22
The stones she suggested worked well, and her advice helped me develop an optimistic outlook on life.

Our researched insights

Some of our insights in Astrology, Vastu and related topics to help you understand secrests and powers of of Vedic Astrology

Let's find Happiness

 Siddheswari Sahay Astrology goes beyond generic readings, offering precise insights that cater specifically to your individual needs, ensuring a roadmap for success, well-being, and fulfillment.

Why Choose Our Astrology Consultancy Services

Siddheswari Sahay Astrology prioritizes ethical practices and a client-centric approach.

Authentic Vedic Astrology Expertise

A deep knowledge of ancient astrological principles, our Astrologer provides accurate and insightful readings that delve into various aspects of life, including career, relationships, health, and more.

Holistic Approach to Life Guidance

Whether it's understanding the influence of planetary positions on career choices or navigating challenges in personal relationships, our consultations offer a well-rounded perspective.

Personalized and Comprehensive

Our comprehensive approach allows us to provide in-depth and tailored guidance. Clients can expect a holistic understanding of their astrological profile and receive practical advice for navigating life's challenges.

What Our Clients Say

A few who underwent a positive transformation through Vedic Astrology at Siddheswari Sahay…

One of Delhi's top astrological experts. Her foresight was uncannily accurate. The jewels I was given were real and have helped me tremendously. It's a place that everyone should go to at least once.
Pavan Sahu
63 reviews on Google
I have visited her for guidance in my personal and professional life for almost 2 years now. Her predictions are so accurate. Totally worth the visit . Recomend to visit at least once to everyone.
Sukanya Borah
12 reviews on Google
Everything she touches turns to gold, and he was the greatest babaji in history. This is the ideal place to find out about the future and discover its mysteries. Look no further for genuine, lab-tested crystals and gemstones .
Arvinder Singh
71 reviews on Google​

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